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We offer a gentle but very potent style of Japanese acupuncture (Kiiko Matsumoto style - www.kiikomatsumoto.com) that is effective with a wide range of health problems—even those that haven’t responded well to other styles of acupuncture. We also incorporate classical Chinese acupuncture and myofascial trigger point-release techniques. Acupuncture treatments often include one or more of the other services/techniques described below.


Moxibustion is a technique used to stimulate acupoints or symptomatic areas with heat by burning “moxa,” the dried and refined leaf of the mugwort plant (Artemisia vulgaris). It is used with acupuncture needles and alone. Moxa-only treatments are available for those who are too sensitive to needles.

Auricular Acupuncture

Needles or pellets known as "ear seeds" stimulate points on the ear according to a microsystem view of the body. Auricular protocols are the treatment of choice for smoking cessation and other addictions; also effective for pain and stress/relaxation. Can be administered while seated in the lounge area at an affordable price, or during regular acupuncture treatments.

Community Acupuncture

We offer affordable group acupuncture during specified hours of the week in our upstairs room. Seated in comfortable recliners in a serene environment, patients are treated for stress management, overall wellness and routine health/pain issues at a very affordable rate, helping make acupuncture an accessible part of a healthy lifestyle. (We advocate private treatments for complex conditions, for those with disabilities or for those who prefer privacy. See Scheduling for details)

Micro-Electrical Techniques

Used with or without needles, micro-electrical techniques common to Japanese-style acupuncture involve ion pumping cords, diodes and magnets to harness the relationship between the body’s electrical potentials and its healing ability. Mild, safe, and extremely useful for acute injuries, pain and inflammation, sinus and skin problems.

Gua Sha

Gua sha is the Chinese term for a form of cutaneous friction-therapy common throughout the Far East. It uses a blunt tool and a lubricant salve to manipulate the surface of the body in a characteristic, sliding way that feels akin to a deep tissue massage. Gua sha clears heat, removes toxins and improves circulation, and helps with conditions ranging from muscle tension, spasms and whiplash to cough, allergies, fever and digestive problems. It is effective with acupuncture or as a stand-alone treatment.


Cupping is an age-old form of folk medicine that uses a vacuum effect to pull flesh slightly up inside of the cup. We do traditional Chinese “fire cupping,” which uses fire to create a vacuum inside of glass cups, which are immediately placed on the body and left on from 10-20 minutes. Cupping can remove deep-level stagnation in points and tissues, reduce swelling, and greatly relieve tension in muscles and connective tissue. It is effective during acupuncture or on its own.

Qi Gong

Chinese for “breath energy work,” Qi Gong is a broad term for exercises that coordinate movement, intention and breathing. We often teach simple Qi Gong exercises appropriate to a patient’s condition. We also offer private Qi Gong lessons for those interested in learning a series of exercises as well as special workshops in local parks.


Meditation instruction is offered by Paolo, who has many years of experience crossing Asian, Native American and European meditation traditions as well as the martial arts. Paolo offers a weekly community class in our space (by donation) which is open to all levels and abilities, as well as private instruction tailored to the clients needs, goals and physical constraints.


Asian bodywork is offered in stand-alone treatment sessions or is used as needed during the acupuncture treatment.

Shiatsu is a Japanese type of energetic massage that uses deep pressure to re-establish meridian balance and overall health; it is extremely balancing as a whole-body therapy.

Tui na is Chinese-style bodywork that incorporates traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis to inform powerful gripping, pushing, pulling and acupressure techniques, benefiting specific pain conditions as well as overall health.


Nutrition is close to our hearts as one of the foundational elements of healing and long-term vitality. Our approach leaves behind the pervasive psudoscience around "healthy diets," instead implementing time-tested principals of ancestral and East Asian nutrition. Customized recommendations are offered to our acupuncture patients as well as in stand-alone sessions if requested.

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