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"Both Grace and Paolo are wonderful! They immediately made me feel at ease. They are extremely knowledgeable. And, they are fully present. I always feel they give me their undivided attention. I am very grateful to have them here in Doylestown. They have supported me in my recovery from chronic headaches and Lyme disease. I have complete confidence in them both and I highly recommend Bridge Acupuncture to both family and friends. It is a very healing environment!" -Kelly

"I’ve had an acupuncturist that I’ve religiously gone to for about 10 years. So when I moved to the Doylestown area I immediately look for another one and found Grace. What a godsend! I’ve never experienced the immediate healing benefits quick as she provides. I went in for general well-being but found out shortly after I began treatment that I had Uterine malignant cells (both from a pap and from a cervical biopsy) in addition to somewhat severe hot flashes. In addition, a sonogram determined I also had a uterine mass. After 2 sessions with Grace, I no longer have a mass and another biopsy was negative. This sounds dramatic but neither I nor the Drs. have any other explanation. In addition, I’m happy to say that in one session my hot flashes/night sweats were reduced by about 90% and after 2 sessions they are gone completely (after living with them for about a year). There is no question in my mind that Grace and her style of acupuncture have improved, if not saved, my life. My husband also sees Grace for back pain and, although I will not speak specifics for him, he also has experienced amazing results." -J.K.

"Bridge Acupuncture and Paolo are great! I was apprehensive at the beginning, but Paolo talks you through everything and is so knowledgeable; I felt comfortable within seconds of meeting him. I have been going for almost two months now and I have not felt this good in over three years. After continuous frustrations for treatment of PCOS, I was able to find relief and help in a more holistic approach to health and wellness- much different than the current segmented system. I 1000% believe everyone should experience acupuncture and this is the best place around." -E.L.

“I went in for back pain and Grace resolved other chronic conditions. Her professionalism, knowledge and thoroughness identified systemic concerns that I did not think possible to be remedied or resolved. Acupuncture as practiced by Grace has changed my physical and mental wellbeing and I am living pain free. I cannot imagine not having Grace take care of me on a regular basis. PS. Both of my daughters, sister and other relatives are under her care for a variety of conditions. They too have experienced significant changes in their individual problems and over all wellbeing.” –S.B.

"I was experiencing persistant back pain and was referred to Bridge Acupuncture. Paolo was very professional and explained the process at each step. I experienced relief after the first visit and was able to resume playing high school football. After three treatments, I was virtually pain free. I would highly recommend Paolo and the entire Bridge Acupuncture team." -Trent

"Paolo Propato has been treating me for autoimmune issues and provides adrenal and liver function support--whatever is ailing me, really! He's really kind, LOVES what he does, is completely authentic, and understand his profession fully. People who suffer a variety of malaise can get a fantastic result from Paolo--he REALLY knows his stuff! He gets my very highest recommendation!" -Judy

"I played golf this past Thursday virtually pain free. I don't know where to start to thank you for your diagnosis followed by your extraordinary efforts healing my 6 year dilemma of groin pain. I have had surgeries, long pt workouts, steroid shots, various yogas as the list goes on and on with little or no relief until I came to you. I'm 72 and golf made up a large part of my life on a variety of levels so not being able to play has been very difficult. I really am at a loss for words other than to thank you so much for giving me back, for a few more years, one of the most enjoyable aspects of my life." -Robert

"Best Acupuncturist Ever! I've been going to Paolo for over 1 1/2 years. I was diagnosed with Stage IV Colon Cancer. Paolo's acupuncture helped with me having better treatment outcomes and less treatment side effects. He is a knowledgeable, intuitive and genuine healer who listens closely. Make an appointment, you deserve it." -Dorothy

“I went to acupuncture ‘against my better judgment’ because I wasn't sure I ‘believed’ in it. Grace did a thorough health history and while she was treating me for the most important problem I had she also was dealing with other issues. I didn't realize this so when she asked me if I still had a bladder issue, I realized that she had successfully treated me for something and it worked! She's also helped me with arthritic knees. I am now a convert. Grace is a warm, knowledgeable practitioner and I recommended her highly.” –R.H.

“I had never had acupuncture before, and was experiencing such intense pain from a bout with sciatica that it left me virtually unable to get off the floor. Prior to seeing Grace I was apprehensive about acupuncture, but was in such pain over a long weekend, that I had to do something. Grace had to treat me standing up at first because I couldn’t stay still for any length of time. After three treatments over two weeks my pain was entirely gone! Grace was comforting and skilled at a time when I so urgently needed it.” –D.S.

“I had my first acupuncture experience here and have continued coming back because it has been so helpful. Grace is careful, thorough, gentle, caring, serious, friendly, and explains all the procedures completely. The setting is calm and soothing, and the treatments have helped me with hip pain, back and stomach issues, sinus problems. Grace takes an overview of your entire health - I think the medical history she took was more extensive than my doctor. If you are even thinking about trying acupuncture, this is the place to come.” – N.N.

“Grace is a thorough and caring acupuncturist who is committed to helping people get well. Thanks to Grace I feel it is possible to have a life without chronic arm and back pain." -M.L.

“I had tried acupuncture a few times prior to meeting Grace. Although acupuncture with these other practitioners did nothing to help my chronic back pain or my penchant for sneaking cigarettes from time to time, I was at my wits end with a sugar addiction, and would have stood on my head for a week if I thought it would have any effect.

Every night I craved sugar; usually in the form of frozen confection, but I was no stranger to candy, cookies, pies, you name it. At the same time, I was working out, and watching what I ate during daylight hours. But under the cover of night, this craving grew with a crack-like intensity I could not shake.

So with zero confidence in the validity of this ancient medicine, I let this bright, self-possessed woman stick me with needles. After 3 or so sessions, I noticed the cravings begin to dissipate. After a few more sessions, sweets no longer provided the guaranteed trip to the moon in the form of a sugar-high that had been the real pull of this mysterious white powder. Thanks to Grace and her careful tabulations, analysis, and practice, I am successful (most of the time) staying away from sugar.

If you've never tried acupuncture, or you have but are not convinced of its validity, give Grace a try. She can work wonders.” –W.P.

“Grace ROCKS!! Her diligence, honesty, competence, talent, skill, deep knowledge, and dedication to being in the moment during her healing sessions make her by far the best of the many acupuncturists I've had the extreme pleasure to experience.” –S.H.

“Grace Rollins is incredible! After a few sessions, my health and energy have improved dramatically and I have lost 10 pounds as a bonus!” –D.D.

“I work as a massage therapist and have been coming to Grace for a few reasons: low back pain, menstrual cramping and lack of range of motion in my wrists. Each treatment has alleviated pain and has given me inner calmness. Grace has a very gentle, healing and pragmatic way of explaining, treating and following up after the needles have been inserted. She has knowledge and heart. These are the things I look for in a gifted healer.” –H.L.

“After trying massage, a chiropractor and orthopedist I decided to give acupuncture a shot and it was the only thing that made me feel better.” –A.B.

“I experienced two treatments with Grace to facilitate recovery from knee surgery and help with pain management. That primary goal was my focus and was certainly met. I was able to resume practice on the Aikido mat 3 weeks before the doctor said it would be possible. The pain was manageable without the heavy-duty painkillers the orthopedic surgeon had given me. Swelling receded so quickly it surprised the doc at the post-op exam. The bonus I did not expect was the overall sense of well being that perfused my whole body after the treatments. There was an emotional balance that happened and lasted for days. I can’t explain how this might occur, but it did. Well worth the money!” –P.K.

“I highly recommend acupuncture by Grace Rollins. Prior to working with Grace, I had only limited success with acupuncture. However, Grace was able to successfully treat several of my issues, including an elbow injury and a twisted ankle. The elbow had improved a little with rest and homeopathic remedies, but it only fully recovered after treatment by Grace. I was also pleased by how quickly my twisted ankle recovered; in the past, I had a twisted ankle that took almost a year before it fully recovered. This time it was fine after a few treatments. Lastly, Grace has been helping me with eczema, a problem I've had since childhood. Again, homeopathic remedies were helping, but I was surprised at how acupuncture accelerated the improvement. Grace is very knowledgeable and aside from acupuncture, she also offers sound advice on other things I could do to speed my recovery (eg, dietary suggestions). In addition to being highly effective, she has a pleasant disposition and is easy to work with. Whenever I see Grace, I have confidence that she will help me get better.” –H.T.

“I am always a bit skeptical about alternative treatments, but Grace Rollins and her acupuncture is a wonderful find. Her approach is very intelligent, kind, healing, and skillful. I've presented a variety of conditions, both chronic and temporary, and there is always a shift. I feel I’m in a healing current that works.” –C.B.

"Grace works like an educator and healer combined. Her treatments really helped my post-surgery recovery. Another time, when I had bronchitis, her treatments were the only thing that seemed to soothe the beast. I've recommended Grace to friends and will continue to!" –S.T.

"I am a martial artist and have turned to acupuncture to help aid in the healing of chronic pains and injuries. Grace's needling style is gentle, potent and effective. I have had amazing results with treatments as short as 15 minutes. Grace is an intuitive healer. She not only treats the symptoms, but gets to the root of the problem." –T.R.

"I've been a skeptic in the past about acupuncture, but Grace excels at explaining in clear and simple language what she is going to do and what she thinks is at the root of your problem. Her techniques also work: She has helped me with muscle strains and age-related joint problems and made a big difference in my quality of life." –L.K.

"Grace treats my body and health as a whole. I never feel embarrassed to explain all the issues that are occurring at the moment. Often I learn that they are connected. I feel like we're a team as Grace guides and assists me through my own healing." –E.S.

"As a breast cancer patient, acupuncture was recommended to me to help the side effects of my chemo treatments and radiation. Grace has been instrumental in helping me through my ordeal, mitigating many of the the debilitating side effects that these cancer treatments can cause. I attribute my acupuncture treatments to helping me maintain my energy at a very high level, maintain a positive attitude, avoid nausea, and now, even alleviate the nerve damage in my feet. I am out to 'cure' my cancer and Grace, with her skills in acupuncture, is helping me make this a reality! I recommend her skills to anyone wishing to pursue a life of good health and well-being." -Margery

"Initially I went to see Grace about a nerve problem that had been plaguing me for almost 10 years (a form of Reynauds disease). After years of failure with "Western" medical, Grace completely eliminated the problem in 3 treatments. I was blown away. I've continued to follow Grace's wisdom and nutritional theories and can confidently say I am the healthiest and most fit I've ever been in my life." - Eric

"I first heard about acupuncture from a girlfriend that had hot flashes battling cancer. She raved about it. I was a non believer that is until I met Grace. Before I made an appointment I went to her website, there you see her impressive education. What you need to know is Grace loves what she does, and she does what she loves well. It took me 4 weeks to become a believer in acupuncture and Grace. She has not only helped me with my hot flashes, but stress, sleep, illness and nutrition. She is a wealth of knowledge and she involved in her community. She continues to reeducate herself constantly. I have sent friends to her and they too have amazing outcomes. My life has become healthier and happier. Give Grace a few weeks and I am certain your life will have changed as much as mine has." -Lorraine

"I came to Bridge Acupuncture in March 2012. I had been diagnosed with Polymyagia Rheumatica about 16 months before. I had been on high doses of Prednisone. At this time, I was in horrible pain. My neck, shoulders, lower back and hips were just so inflamed. I was having trouble walking and steps were becoming impossible. The Prednisone had given me diabetes with uncontrolled high blood sugars. The end result was that I was miserable. I went to see Grace Rollins as a desperate move. I'll be honest I didn't have much confidence in acupuncture, but I was desperate!! Grace was so professional. Within a few weeks I was walking better and the pain was less. I was able to lower the prednisone and my Blood Sugars were becoming normal. Within 2 months of treatments I was able to go on a 16 day vacation to Russia. This involved much walking and I was able to do it all and enjoy the trip!! I can highly recommend Grace and acupuncture. She has brought pain relief to me." -J.N.

"The benefits of acupuncture treatments with Grace Rollins have been profound. I recommend without reservation her gentle, skillful, caring expertise." -Susan

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